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The last unicorn

13 Nov

unicorn dish

Now, I realise no-one needs a porcelain jewellery dish with a unicorn in the middle, but seriously, just how lovely is this? You can place chains and earrings in the dish part – so the unicorn is dancing in a sea of gold and silver; and pop rings on his horn.

At £9.95 from Sass and Belle (here) he won’t break the bank either. A lovely gift – although I bet if you buy one you end up keeping him for yourself!


The best things in life are tree(s)

30 Nov

Another reader request! This time, Vikki has asked me to hunt down an stylish jewellery tree that she can give to her best mate for Christmas.

And looking around, it seems everyone has moved on from jewellery boxes (and piles of knotted chains in a drawer – or is that just me?!), as classy trees are everywhere right now.

My absolute favourite is this gorgeous white metal number (above) from http://www.culturevulturedirect.co.uk, £24.99. It’s like an ornament in itself, and a lovely way to display your best necklaces and rings.

Or, if that’s just a bit too expensive, check out the three trees below. The first two – the Spring Jewellery Tree, £12.95 and the Partridge Jewellery Tree, £19.95, are from The Handpicked Collection (www.handpickedcollection.com) – while the third, which features a cheeky squirrel, is a steal at just £12.95, from Dwell (www.dwell.co.uk).

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