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My latest project (plus how to be a baby whisperer)

30 Jan

Eagle-eyed readers will notice I’ve posted far fewer blog entries this month. That’s because I’ve been working on a little project… meet Baby Treasure Hunter!

photo (92)

Yup, having a new baby means I’ve been slightly busy of late, but I promise normal blogging service is now going to be resumed.

In fact, she’s helped me with this post!

Among all the lovely baby bits I’ve bought or kindly been given recently, I wanted to rave about one in particular. The Gro Hush is a cunning portable device that makes one of three white noise sounds (a heartbeat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof) at the press of a button. You simply slip the oval padded cushion onto your hand using the elastic strap, then hold it against your little one’s head as you cuddle them – the idea being that the sounds, which are pitched at just the right volume, soothe and calm your baby when they’re fussy or having problems sleeping.


I liked the idea in theory, but having tried louder – admittedly less high tech methods – with my first child (like a vacuum cleaner and turbo hairdryer!), I was more than sceptical about whether it’d work. And, while the Gro Hush hasn’t been that successful at soothing my baby when she’s in full-on scream mode (to be honest, not much would), it has been an absolute godsend in getting her to settle down for naps or at night.

Not recommended for use in the cot or crib (supposedly in case the baby rolls onto it), I’ve been placing it on a shelf next to her Moses basket, or tucked behind her easy chair. She LOVES the water-on-a-tin-roof setting, and by the time it automatically switches off after ten minutes, she’s usually fast asleep. Fantastic!

I’ll give the last word to my little assistant. Here she is, giving a demonstration…

photo 2 (2)

The Gro Hush costs £34.95 from John Lewis here, or you can find a full list of stockists here.

Sweet dreams!



It’s only Flock and Roll but I like it!

30 Nov

My friend Kirsty is very talented. She’s one of those people who just knows what looks good, and after years of designing things (magazine pages, wedding invites…) for other people, she’s finally struck out on her own and created her own range of prints, tea towels and greetings cards.

They’re all bright, cheery, fun and great value, featuring everything from retro ice lollies to gnomes. She’ll even make up any of her designs in your own choice of colours if you ask her nicely. I’m planning to place an order for one of her “Cup of tea and a slice of cake” art prints and a batch of her ‘You’re the Bee’s Knees’ cards, as they’re so sweet, and well, the bee’s knees.

Her company is called Flock and Roll – named after a seagull’s favourite type of music (best not to ask!) – and you can view the whole range at http://www.flockandroll.co.uk or buy her stuff from Etsy.com (visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/flockandroll).

Cards cost £2.50 each (see immediately below); Prints cost £15-25 depending on size (shown framed, below the cards); and tea towels are coming any day now. However, Kirsty’s doing a special 20% discount for all Treasure Hunter customers until Christmas. Simply enter code FLOCKANDROLL1 at the checkout.

PS: Good news for overseas readers! Kirsty will ship outside the UK – email her at hello@flockandroll.co.uk for details and prices.

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