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The Friday Find: All the fun of the fair-y cake

5 Aug

Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder, £4.99 Home Bargains

Why display your cupcakes on a boring old plate or cake stand when you can pop them in a ferris wheel instead?!

Not only does this fairground-inspired cake display gizmo look fun, but it actually turns and what’s more, it’s just £4.99 (nope, that’s not a typo, it really is under a fiver).

Great for a child’s party or, erm, just a treat for yourself. You could even spray paint it a different colour or add ribbons or pompoms if you were feeling particularly fancy.

Available in-store at Home Bargains (



Money can’t buy me love… but it can buy these!

6 Feb

Tesco Valentines I Want to Hold Your Hand Cushion, £6.00

Love a bit of romance, but hate the huge waves of tacky, cheesy, chintzy Valentine’s products that flood the shops at this time of year?

Me too.

So, this year, I’ve tried to hunt down a selection of Valentine’s gift ideas that are fun, cheeky and even – heaven forbid – actually stylish. Enjoy!

Top: I wanna hold your hand cushion £6 (what a bargain!), Tesco Direct (click HERE)

Valentines mug and earrings

Above: Paul Thurlby for Wild and Wolf mugs £14.95 for the pair,; Pixel heart earring studs £4.50,

Valentines tea towels and tote bag

Above: I love you more than chocolate tea towel £11,; Lovely tote bag £12,; Me & You tea towel £5, Marks & Spencer (

Valentines sweets and chocolates

Above: Love Letter chocolates £10 Marks & Spencer; Marshmallow hearts in a giant jar £16 John Lewis (; Sweet hearts £2 Marks & Spencer; I love you lolly £2 John Lewis

Heart shaped hole punch £x Suck UK

Above: Heart hole punch £10

Valentines little gifts

Above: Scrabble tile magnet set £4.50; Missing puzzle piece keyring £10.99,; Heart ring £6.99,

Valentines tea mitt and roses

Above: Grow your own scented roses £4, John Lewis; Personalised tea tin £9.99,; Love and cake oven mitt £14,

Initial thoughts

10 Jan

Marks and Spencer F cushion It’s been a while since I saw something and bought it immediately, but the moment I spotted these alphabet letter cushions from Marks & Spencer (, I loaded up my online shopping basket quicker than you could say (or should that be ‘spell’) OMG. They are, quite simply, AMAZING. Not only do they look stylish and fun, but they’re just £10 each. Yep, you read that right, just a tenner each. Which means you can treat yourself to one with your initial on without feeling guilty at all…

Marks and Spencer J cushion…or go crazy and spell out a whole world on your sofa without breaking the bank (well, not spending an absolute fortune, anyhow).

Their simple design means they’d suit almost any kind of decor, and they’d make an absolutely perfect present, particularly for a wedding (you could buy two, one with the bride’s initial and one with the groom’s).

Race you to the checkout!

Marks and Spencer initial letter cushions

A spot of Bother

23 Aug

Oh Bother Designs large Scrabble wall tiles £4 each

Last week, a lovely lady called Stephanie got in touch to tell me about an online shop she runs with her boyfriend, Aiden. They make and sell homewares and jewellery under the name Oh Bother Design at

After taking a quick peek, I’m definitely a fan. I particularly like the oversized Scrabble wall tiles, £4 each, above. Printed on plastic just like the real thing, a single initial would look cool on a mantlepiece or on a wall  amongst a group of picture frames; or you could spell out a whole name or two as in the pic below (great for a wedding present).

Oh Bother Designs large Scrabble wall tiles £4 each two names

Steph and Aiden also make cool rings (£20) or bangles out of wood and coloured pencils; quirky stag head wall art (£15) and grandfather clocks (£19) out of cardboard; arty wooden letters in a ‘circus’ font; and pretty acrylic flower-shaped coasters (£12 for a set of three)…

Oh Bother Designs chunky wood pencil rings £20 in a row

Oh Bother Designs cardboard stag head £15

Oh Bother Designs circus style wooden letter £3.50 10cm tall

Oh Bother Designs set of three geometric coasters £12

Finally, it’s worth casting your eyes over (sorry) the fun eye test cards, £17 each including frame, which come in one of two designs, below. For a tenner extra, the guys will personalise one for you if you can think of a phrase you’d prefer in 20-40 characters…

Oh Bother Designs eye test card on brick wall £17

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Topper the morning to you!

27 Jun

Cake topper bride and groom personalised

Searching for ideas for birthday cakes recently, a friend told me about Pegitdolls; wooden figurines painted to look like brides, pirates, footballers, superheroes, film characters… you can even get a ‘mini-me’ version of yourself copied from a photo. They’re fun yet non-cheesy – a winning combination.

Handpainted by Esther, a London-based graphic designer, they’re perfect for wedding, birthday and anniversary cakes – or just as a little present for someone. I particularly love the little Snow White and Yoda dolls (below):

Cake topper snow white

They’re all around £6-10 each, which is pretty reasonable for something bespoke, and you can frame them afterwards as a keepsake. If I were getting married again, I’d definitely commission a little personalised bride and groom to grace my cake top.

You can order one of your own by searching for ‘Pegitdolls’ at

Cake toppers personalised wedding party

Cake topper personalised superman footballer ballerina pirate

Cake topper personalised bride and groom

Cake toppers personalised name holders

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