The best slippers in the world (plus £5 off!)

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Chuck away your moccasins! Sling away your slip-ons! Because I’ve found the Holy Grail of slippers.

Choosing the perfect slipper is no mean feet, sorry, feat. A good pair needs to be snuggly and warm, yet hardwearing and – ideally – look good too. Most of the slippers I’ve owned in my life only meet a few of these criteria – slip-ons look a bit grannyish; mules lose their shape; while furry ones are cosy but you wouldn’t want a hot date to see you in them. A few years ago, I was given a pair of felt clog slippers that ticked all the boxes. They were so comfy – with a hardwearing sole – that I once wore them out to the supermarket without realising.

When they finally died – after three years of wear – I vowed to buy more. Only thing is, I couldn’t find them… until now. Say hello to Haflingers – the slippers to beat all slippers.

Made of natural (and very toasty) materials like felt, wool, leather and cork, they’re available from  and there are over 70 styles, shapes and colours to choose from, including nordic patterns, cats, cherries, flowers, chunky knits and stripes. Many have thick rubber soles – so you can nip out to empty the bins without taking them off – and you can chose either backless, slip-on or more snug versions with a lip at the heel.


I’ve gone for the Grizzly Classic Clog in green, which has a lovely Scandi-style trim, and a cork and rubber sole. They’re so ridiculously comfy they seem to mold to your feet, and I’ve already left the house in them twice by accident.

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At £49.99 (prices range from £34.99 to around £59.99 depending on style), they’re admittedly more than your average department store-bought slippers, but considering they feel twice as snug and will probably last three times as long, they’re cheap at the price I reckon.


What’s  more, the lovely people at have agreed to give all Treasure Hunter readers £5 off any pair of Haflingers – just enter the code TREASUREFOUND at the online checkout. Code is valid until 19th December 2014.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on – and feet into – a pair today!

PS: Been converted to Haflingers? Send me a pic! I’m at

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