Let’s do lunch!

Dino collection lunch tray £3.49 Dunelm

I know it’s for kids, but how sweet is this Dino Lunch Tray?

In tasteful teal melamine with friendly dinosaurs and four compartments, not only does it look uber cute, but it’s the perfect solution for little dudes (or dudettes) who are a little bit, well, fussy about food. My toddler – nicknamed ‘tapas boy’ – loves it because it keeps all the different  items on his plate separate from each other; and I love it because it encourages him to eat everything up so that he can ‘find’ the dinosaurs hiding underneath his brocolli.

What’s more, it’s just £3.49 from Dunelm Mill (www.dunelm-mill.com). And if you don’t fancy dinosaurs, you can get it with a jolly robot, fairy or butterfly design instead, here. Is it wrong of me to wish they made them in adult-size too?!

Butterflies lunch tray Dunelm

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