Nesting instinct

Retro nest of tables Debenhams and Dunelm

Can you tell the difference between the two lovely nests of tables above? Nope, nor can I! The pictures are almost identical.

However… the one of the left – the Saturn nest of tables in American oak – costs £275 from Debenhams; and the one on the right – the Skandi oak lamp tables – costs £119.99 from Dunelm Mill. That’s a huge price difference.

I’ve always had a soft spot for retro or mid-century modern style furniture, so these little beauties are high up on my wishlist. I love the way they sit snugly together, and are just the right size for a cup of tea and a lamp/vase/whatever book you’re reading at the moment.

What’s more, if Debenhams and Dunelm sell out, it’s possible to buy a spookily similar-looking set – the Revival nest of tables – for £149 from John Lewis

John Lewis revival nest of tables £149

…and the Hygena Emmett nest of tables in oak veneer for £99.99 from Homebase

Hygena Emmett nest of tables oak veneer £99.99 Homebase

…or even get the same nest but in darker Walnut wood, £119.99 again, from our friends Dunelm Mill (below). Choices, choices!

Skandi walnut nest of tables £119.99 Dunelm Mill

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