Wood you believe it?!

wooden posters from Graham and Green

How brilliant are these new wooden posters? Forget paper or canvas; these fun animal sketches are screen printed onto flat sheets of birch wood, ready to hang or prop up casually on a shelf.

At roughly 30x42cm in size, they look incredibly arty and worth far more than their very reasonable £22 (each) price tag. They’re available from chic homeware store Graham and Green (www.grahamandgreen.co.uk) and there are several designs to choose from, including the flamingo, bear, polar bear, tiger and deer, above; plus my favourite, this bow-tied panda…

panda wooden poster graham and green…and the fantastically-named ‘Party Rhino”…

party rhino wooden poster graham and green…as well as a penguin in a very natty pom pom scarf:

penguin wooden poster graham and greenI think printing onto wood like this is a tree-mendous idea, so I fully intend to, ahem, branch out from my usual paper posters and invest in one (some are already available; other designs will be up any moment now – you can put your name down online to be notified as to when they go on sale).

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