Bin somewhere nice?

19 Aug

Next jute laundry hamper

Stylish laundry basket. Those aren’t words that usually go together – most laundry baskets, linen baskets or ‘dirty boxes’ as my mum calls them are boring Ali Baba style wicker affairs, garish tall plastic baskets or wooden boxes pretending they’re something more glamorous, like, erm, a stool.

So it’s nice to see the folks at Next have addressed this issue. I really like their new rectangular Laundry Hamper, above. It’s simple but effective. Made of strong jute over an inner frame, it’s 56cm high, with a lift-up lid, and would look subtly classy in either a bedroom or a bathroom. Oh and it’s only £20.

Of course, whether or not it’ll encourage the messy person in your house (there’s always one) to put their dirty socks somewhere other than the floor is a different matter entirely…!

Next laundry hamper in situ

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One Response to “Bin somewhere nice?”

  1. lovelydeer August 20, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    I want this basket!!!! Thanks for sharing

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