Vote for me! (please)

Cosmo Blog-Awards-2013-logo

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been shortlisted for UK Cosmopolitan magazine’s Blog Awards!

So, firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated me. You must have said some very nice things.

Obviously while it’s the taking part that counts, it would be AMAZING if I won an award, so I’m going to ask one more favour. If you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, I would be honoured if you’d spent a minute or so (that’s all it takes) to vote for me.

The online voting form is here:

It’s a long form, but you can just scroll through to get to my section, the ‘Best Interiors Blog sponsored by Next’. Then you just check the box next to ‘The Treasure Hunter’, click through to the end, and press ‘Submit’.

Voting closes on 30th August – I’ll let you know how I get on…


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