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Cake topper bride and groom personalised

Searching for ideas for birthday cakes recently, a friend told me about Pegitdolls; wooden figurines painted to look like brides, pirates, footballers, superheroes, film characters… you can even get a ‘mini-me’ version of yourself copied from a photo. They’re fun yet non-cheesy – a winning combination.

Handpainted by Esther, a London-based graphic designer, they’re perfect for wedding, birthday and anniversary cakes – or just as a little present for someone. I particularly love the little Snow White and Yoda dolls (below):

Cake topper snow white

They’re all around £6-10 each, which is pretty reasonable for something bespoke, and you can frame them afterwards as a keepsake. If I were getting married again, I’d definitely commission a little personalised bride and groom to grace my cake top.

You can order one of your own by searching for ‘Pegitdolls’ at

Cake toppers personalised wedding party

Cake topper personalised superman footballer ballerina pirate

Cake topper personalised bride and groom

Cake toppers personalised name holders

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