The highlight of my week

Frology high styler low res

In my book, stationery shouldn’t just be useful – it should also be fun, brightly-coloured and look good on your desk.  So, these little beauties tick all the boxes (or should I say, highlight all the boxes?!)

Yep, these are no ordinary highlighter pens; they’re highlighter pens disguised as pots of nail varnish. Granted, they won’t give you cutting-edge neon nails, but they will look good on your desk (and come in handy when you’re working/studying).

A set of four ‘High Stylers’ costs a reasonable £7 from new webshop

Believe it or not, the shop is run by Harry Frohlich, a 14-year-old from Pinner. Frohlich means ‘happy’ in German, and so Harry should be – he’s obviously got a good eye for great products. I fully expect to see him pop up on The Junior Apprentice any day now…!

Frology High Styler with hand(All pix courtesy of

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