Oh deer!

Emma's ear with Jeremy Hoyle gold plated silver deer earrings

Jeremy Hoyle earrings £60 Woodland Creatures Silver Ear Studs

Now, normally I’m all about the bargains, but when I saw these brilliant deer earrings (kindly being modeled here by their owner, my lovely friend Emma), I had to draw them to your attention.

They’re very cool, but cute too – a winning combination in my book. Designed by Brighton-based jeweller Jeremy Hoye, silver versions cost £60 while gold-plated silver versions, like the one above, are £75 per pair. His website, www.jeremy-hoye.com, is well worth checking out – he has loads of similar studs, including squirrels, two-tone pineapples and lifelike mini pansies.

They’d make an amazing present for someone special – or you could pop them on your Christmas wishlist  (it’s never too early to start!)

If your budget won’t stretch to these kinds of prices, as always, I have found an alternative. These cute hypoallergenic silver metal fawn earrings from Oliver Bonas (below, www.oliverbonas.com) are just £8 and come in a little gift box. Oliver Bonas also sell a gold ‘Bambie ‘ necklace, very similar to the Jeremy Hoye studs, for £9, also below.

oliver_bonas silver fawn earrings £8 pair

Oliver Bonas Bambie necklace close up £9

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