A lot on your plate

4 Jun

Walls split plate ice lolly melamine John Lewis £5

I hardly dare write this in case I’m tempting fate, but it seems as if summer if FINALLY here.

And with all this perfect picnic weather we’re having, what you need is some picnic tableware. I’m currently lusting after these retro-ish Wall’s Ice Cream melamine plates, above, £5 each from John Lewis (www.johnlews.com), decorated with old skool favourites – Strawberry Split, Funny Feet, Twister and Starship 4.

The plates are part of a much larger picnic range in the same design, with cool bags, from £17; beakers and mugs, £4.50 each; water bottles, £10; and a roll-up picnic rug, £25.

Personally, I think they’re all Fab (oh, that’s another type of ice cream altogether!)

Walls split beaker ice lolly melamine John Lewis £4.50

Walls picnic rug £25 John Lewis

PS: Love these designs but want something other than picnicware? Snap up this brilliant storage tin, £7.99 (below), from http://www.safariisland.co.uk.

Wall's ice cream Tin from Ed at Rigby and Mac £9.95

If you live in London, you can also buy the tin in person at Ed in East Dulwich (41 Northcross Road, SE22), for £9.95. Most of their gorgeous stuff is online at http://www.rigbyandmac.com but sadly this is an in-store item only. Shame!

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