Nails good enough to eat

my pic of mini eggs speckled

Illamasqua nail varnish in Scarce speckled pink bottle

What’s almost as good as Cadbury’s Mini Eggs? Mini Egg-inspired nails!

Pastels continue to be a big trend, but if they’re a bit wishy-washy for your liking, why not add a twist with one of these quite frankly genius speckled egg-like nail varnishes from posh beauty brand Illamasqua.

There are five colours to choose from: Scarce (pink), Fragile (blue), Freckle (nude), Mottle (green) and Speckle (lilac).

Okay, so at £14.50 per bottle (from they’re not a bargain, but if you’re anything like me, a bottle will last a lot longer than a packet of Mini Eggs will!

Illamasqua nail varnish in speckle on nails

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