Blooming clever

big bloom vase conran red flower 2

Have you seen how expensive flowers are these days? I love the idea of having fresh blooms all over the place Elton John-stylee, but until I win the lottery and have a bank account to match his, I have to settle for the odd bouquet on my birthday or bunch of daffs from the local market.

This incredibly cunning vase by designer Charlie Guda may change all that. It’s a glass test tube, attached to a stand made of magnifying glass. You pop a stem in the tube (with some water of course) and then fix the glass in front, like so…

big bloom vase conran shop

The glass magnifies the flower so that not only does it appear supersized, but you can see every little line and detail of the petals. Clever eh?

It means you can spend just one or two quid on a particularly lovely single flower (or choose one you’ve picked from your garden or on a walk) and turn it into a really eyecatching work of art.

It’s not exactly a bargain at £29 (from The Conran Shop, but after you’ve made that initial outlay, think how much you’ll save on flowers thereafter!

big bloom vase multiple flowers

big bloom vase conran shop red flower

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