Let’s go outside!

3 May

Blooma Moretta garden set, from £60 B&Q

In the second of my summery posts this week (and the first of many on the subject of sprucing up your garden), I had to share these cool chairs with you. Modern, bright garden furniture is usually so expensive – in the hundreds of pounds – so I was pleasantly surprised to spot this retro-style acid green and hot pink Moretta seating  from B&Q (instore and online at http://www.diy.com).

A chair costs £60 and the bench, £99 – not bad for a real statement piece that’ll instantly pimp up your patio.

And if you like these, there are matching rocking chairs, £69 each and a cute egg-shaped charcoal grey table, £40, too (below).

Blooma Moretta garden furniture, from £60 for a chair B&Q

One Response to “Let’s go outside!”

  1. Hannah roeves May 29, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    I know these are for outside but the green sofa thing is going in my new bedroom!!! Haha lol

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