Ideal Gnome

Giant Gnome

While researching a magazine feature on ‘outdoor living inspiration’ the other day, I was asked if I would like to experience for myself Asda’s biggest-selling new garden accessory. Was it a fancy lounger, stylish oversized pot, shiny new BBQ..? Nope, it was a 3ft high ginormous garden gnome nicknamed Gnorman.

Of course, I said yes. Who wouldn’t?

So, now our garden has a new resident. And while he may not be particularly classy or subtle, he’s brilliant. He’s so jolly and OTT that even my other half, who is usually so minimalist and fussy about anything home-sy, absolutely loves him, while my dad wants him for his allotment (where the local ‘youths’ would kidnap him in seconds, no doubt!).

Only the local cat  -see the top right of my photos, below – is unsure.

If you want to give a home to a gnome, or want to buy one for a friend (he’d make a great gift – just imagine people trying to guess what he was before they unwrapped him!), he costs a very reasonable £24.99 from Asda Direct,

Gnorman the 3ft giant garden gnome on table Asda

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