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Firebox Instagram coasters

One of the biggest downsides to taking photos on your phone is that that’s where they usually stay – on  your phone – until you get another one, drop it down the loo, or it breaks and you lose everything.

So, I’m a huge fan of anything that sets your photos free and turns them into actual, physical things you can keep.

I’m addicted to the Stannp app on my iphone (search for ‘Stannp’ in the App Store) which makes postcards from your photos and sends them anywhere in the UK or abroad for 99p. You can even do clever things such as add text, superimpose speech bubbles and remove spots and red eye (always a bonus). I’ve made and sent cards as a thank you, for birthdays, for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day…

Even cooler are two new services I’ve discovered which make objects from your Instagram pics.

The first is a personalised set of Instagram coasters from (top). For just £14.99, they’ll make good quality drinks coasters from four of your favourite pix- a brilliant present idea.

I’m also loving the new ‘Instagram necklace’ (below) from fun jewellery website Punky Pins ( They’ll take any Instagram pic, print it onto acrylic plastic and attach it to a chain for a unique pendant that also makes a great present. It costs just £13 and if you order before the 15th February, they’ll even throw in an Instagram camera logo ring for free.

If you’re anything like me (with over 2,000 photos on my phone – eek!), your only problem will be deciding which ones to choose…

Punkypins Instagram ring

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  1. February 13, 2013 / 11:30 am

    lovin the postcard idea – have just downloaded the app – thanks for this 🙂

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