The thrill of the Paperchase

23 Jan

Paperchase sky lanterns collection display

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been slightly obsessed with stationery. My favourite thing about going back to school each September was buying a new pencil case; and whenever we went on family holidays to France, I’d drag my parents round a hypermarket so that I could stock up on their bargainous and exotic-looking notepads, pencils and folders.

So, it’s not surprising that Paperchase ( is one of my all-time favourite shops . It’s almost impossible for me to go in and come out empty-handed.

Anyhow, their new themed collections have just arrived and I felt it was my duty to check them out for you all!

The two stand out designs are the Japanese-inspired Sky Lanterns (above left) and the brilliantly-named Budgerigaga (pretty pastel budgies, above right).

On my wishlist? From the Sky Lanterns collection, I love the List Book £5; the Shopper bag £12.50; the Notelets £7.50; the washi paper tape £3.50 for four rolls; the Wash Bag £10, the fabric-covered Push Pins £3 and the mechanical pencil £3 (all below):

Paperchase sky lanterns list book

And from the Budgerigaga collection, I love the A4 Scrapbook £10; the Bird House storage box £8; the Foldaway Bag £4, the Magnetic List Pad £5 and the Sticky Notes £4 (all below):

Paperchase budgerigaga A4 scrap book

PS: Live outside the UK? No problem – Paperchase will ship internationally! Visit for details.

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