I’ll take my hat off to that

I’m going to discuss hats. No, not fashionable ones, but party hats. Until now, the only real option was the flimsy, paper crown variety that you get in Christmas crackers. Not only do they break if your head is too big; or fall down your face if your head is too small, but lots of people (including my husband) refuse to wear them because they think they look sad.

But that’s not the case with these awesome party hats (yep, that’s their official name: Awesome Party Hats). They attach to your head with elastic – so they fit everyone – and they look like cool mini 3in x 2in caps. What’s more, you can even write your name – or any message you like – on them, as the ‘trendy’ lady in the picture below has done.

So, use your head this Christmas (sorry) and get your mitts on a pack of eight, £7.95, from www.cubicuk.com (or, if you’re reading this in the US, you can buy a set for $10 from www.gama-go.com).

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