Leaf it out!

Dads and dads-in-law. They’re so hard to buy for. Unless they have a very specific hobby, like wine making,  or stamp collecting, or guitars or suchlike, it can be difficult to know what will float their boat when it comes to presents. But I think I’ve found the answer.

My dad has been a total star recently, turning the huge derelict garage-like shed at the bottom of my garden into a half-workshop, half-summer house multi-purpose building (well, it still looks like a shed, but it’s a darn sight more useful now). So, I wanted to give him something to say thank you, but flowers weren’t right, and he’s got all the wine making kit he needs (my mum will attest to that – she has to put up with about a dozen giant demijohns full of fermenting homemade elderfower wine bubbling away in the downstairs loo 24/7).

Then an email from Robert Dyas (www.robertdyas.co.uk) popped into my inbox, saying they had a sale on, and the Pro Craft 2500w Blower Vac was on sale at £29.99. Basically, it’s a leaf blower, that also Hoovers leaves up, and mulches them into compost. This might seem mega-dull at first, but think about it – at this time of year, raking up leaves is a pain in the neck (not to mention a pain in the back), but with this beast, you can run around the garden triumphantly sucking up leaves with wild abandon at the click of a button. Genius!

So, I ordered one. I won’t ‘leaf’ you in suspense as to what Dad thought of it – he was blown away! (just check out the pic he sent me, below…)

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