Everything tin its right place

One of the best gifts I got for Christmas last year wasn’t something big and electrical, or silver and sparkly – it was a cute, small metal tin saying ‘Bits & Bobs’ on it (top), from my friend Zoe.

Zoe has known me for 21 years – since we were little – so she would have realised that it’s the perfect present for a hoarder like myself. It sits in my bedside drawer and is full of, you guessed it, useful bits and bobs, such as foreign coins, stamps, safety pins, single earrings and even some earplugs.

In fact, I love that tin so much that I researched where I could get another to give as a gift to someone else – and I discovered it’s part of a whole range by talented designer Rachel Ellen. There are four pocket-sized tins – each approx 8cm x 8cm x 2.5cm – to choose from: ‘Bits & Bobs’, ‘BonBons’, ‘Buttons’ and ‘Jewellery’ (all above). At  just £2.25 each, you could buy the set and completely organise your whole life!

Rachel doesn’t just design little tins though. She also makes a range of decent-sized larger tins, £6.95 each (below), too. You can choose from a Sewing tin, a Dog Treats tin, a ‘Glorious Lunch’ tin and a ‘Hair Accessories’ tin, amongst others. I’ve treated myself to the sewing tin to put all my cotton reels in, and very smart it looks too.

Want to get your hands on one? Both ranges are available from www.rachelellen.co.uk. You can also buy them from www.fruitsaladretro.co.uk or www.amazon.co.uk or www.thepeasknees.co.uk.

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