‘Witch’ decorations to choose?

Call me a wuss, but I’ve never really liked gruesome/scary Hallowe’en decorations. Ugly witches, Scream masks, gloopy fake blood – ugh. I prefer something classier/cuter, like a well-carved pumpkin, a traditional ghost-made-out-of-a-sheet, or a plain black pointy witches hat.

So, this year, I’m loving the range of Hallowe’en decs from Wilkinson (www.wilkinsonplus.com).

Yes, they have all the scary, icky stuff, but they also have some really nice (if you can use that word about Halloween!), fun stuff, too. And what ‘s more, it’s all a total bargain.

For example, there’s a black, white and orange felt ‘Happy Hallowe’en banner (£3, top); sweet little black metal spider cupcake holders and packs of cupcake cases (£1 each); friendly Munsters-style felt masks (£1 each); clever reflective vampire stickers to help keep kids of all ages safe in the dark (£2 for four); black cardboard candelabras for the table (£1.50 each);  kitsch foil pumpkin/bat bunting (£1); and pumpkin- shaped orange fairylights (£4).

So why not join me in upgrading to a classier kind of spooky stuff? Go on,  trick or treat yourself!

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