Some guys have all the ducks

Everyone, no matter their age, needs a rubber duck. When I was born, so family legend goes, my dad was so excited he went to a toy shop and bought the biggest one he could find. I remember that duck – at about 10cm wide, he was fat, friendly and sunshine yellow. He  lived in our bathroom for years, making everyone smile.

If my dad went on the same shopping trip today, he wouldn’t believe his duck – sorry – luck. I’ve just spotted this Giant Bath Duck on for just £14.70. At a whopping 32cm wide and 26cm high, it’s a beast of a bird. He quite literally blows all other ducks out of the water.

Of course, at that size, he’s bigger than a baby (!), so the manufacturers reckon he’s better suited to swimming pools and ponds than baths. One reviewer on Amazon even uses it in their horse’s drinking trough to keep an eye on the water level – if they can’t see his bright yellow head from the other side of the field, the trough needs filling up.

But I think it’s a shame to banish him outdoors. Ducks live in bathrooms. And besides, imagine how cool he’d look sitting in a corner! He’d brighten the place right up and be a real talking point.

I’m placing my order now. Once the word gets out, everyone will want one, so if you fancy getting one too, you’d better be quack – sorry – quick!

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