Gorillas in the whisk

As a student, living on cheese toasties, all I needed in the way of kitchen accessories was a knife and my trusty toasted sandwich maker. Since then, I’ve widened my tastes a bit and have slowly gathered a range of handy kitchen gadgets, including the famous Onion Goggles (see my post: ‘Don’t cry for me, onion peeler’ from earlier on in the year).

Weirdly though, a good whisk has been the only thing I haven’t invested in. That might be because as gadgets go, well, they’re a bit on the boring side. But now, thanks to this cheeky little monkey above (I know, I know, as my dad is always telling me, gorillas are officially apes), that’s about to change. How cute is he?!

Called the Kitchen Kong whisk, he’s £12.95 from www.follyhome.co.uk, £12.99 from www.spoiltrottengifts.co.uk. Alternatively, Lakeland (www.lakeland.co.uk) will be selling them from this Autumn.

Bright blue monkeys not your thing? There aren’t many ‘exciting’ whisks out there, but I have found this cleverly designed beater (immediately below) by Ding3000 for Norman Copenhagen, currently £9 (rrp £12) at www.royaldesign.co.uk. When it’s not in use, you slide the little coloured cuff to the bottom to keep the whisking bits in check, and to keep your kitchen drawers tidy.

And kitchen gadget gurus Kuhn Rikon make a lovely range of whisks with rainbow coloured silicone wires (below is the Tornado, left, and the Butterfly, right). You can buy them all over the web, but www.amazon.co.uk has the Tornado for £10 and the Butterfly for £11. I think you’ll find it hard to, ahem, beat them on price!

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