The Lionel steeps tonight

As you’ll have gathered by now from my blog entries, I absolutely LOVE puns and song titles used in silly ways (check out my “Things Rick Astley Wouldn’t Do” post from 31 October 2011), so this teapot is just, ahem, my cup of tea.

The “Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?” range includes a mug and a tea-for-one set, below, and costs from £10.58. They’re all handmade by Lenny Mud (a lady, not a man as you’d think) – visit her Etsy online shop at She’s churning them out as fast as she can, so if they’re not in stock, don’t panic, she’s working on it…

Once you’ve bought your mug, all you need is a Richie biscuit (ho ho ho) to dunk in it!


  1. July 20, 2012 / 8:45 am

    Ha ha, love it! In my household, Rich Tea biscuits are called Lionels. Keep up the good work x

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