Raise your glasses

In the last two weeks, I’ve somehow managed to smash three drinking glasses.

This is not a bad thing necessarily… as it means I have a legitimate reason to buy some more!

However, when I started looking for replacements, I quickly realised that while wine glasses come in all shapes and colours; water glasses, tumblers and high ball glasses are really boring. They’re also usually quite small (so you never get a decent drink out of them) and wafer-thin, so they’re likely to break more easily.

Still, I found what I was after at Next (above). They sell three different sets of chunky American style soda glasses – choose from pastel shades, bright colours, or two-tone red and blue. They look great, hold a decent amount of liquid and are fairly indestructible. They’re also decently-priced, at £8 for four.

The best of the rest?

BHS (www.bhs.co.uk or instore) also sell coloured soda glasses for £2 each in lime, lilac or turquoise; Ikea’s Godis Mix glasses, £4.99 for six small or £5.99 for six big glasses, are smaller but have pretty retro flowers on; and the six glasses in the Leonardo Optic set (one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple – or you can also buy sets of just one colour), £22.16 from www.amazon.co.uk, are classy, sturdy and fit for a dinner table.

Finally, Wilkinsons (www.wilkinsonplus.com or instore, bottom) have several tall glass tumblers in various colourful designs (spots, stripes, flowers, leaves, retro lemonade labels…) for just £2-£3 for four. So what if you break them? They’re a smashing bargain!

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