Watch the birdies

22 Jun

Magpie are one of my favourite brands (check out their brilliant alphabet mugs in my 5th January entry) and now they’ve created another gorgeous range of home goodies. Called ‘Birdy’, it features four Mid Century Modern-style birds, based on retro school I-Spy book illustrations.

The range includes  mugs (£8), plates (£18 for four), cushions (£20), tea towels (£12 a pair), lovely makeup bag duos (£20) and a too-sweet-for- words Espresso set (£20 for four cups and saucers). They’re all available from and would make great gifts.

This is the second time Magpie have run this range (the first time it ran, everything, ahem, flew off the shelves so fast it sold out), so if you like it, you’d better get in quick!

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