The Lotus Position

I picked up this gorgeous little lotus-shaped bowl in Singapore (it cost £1 – a total bargain). It’s designed as a sushi dipping bowl for soy sauce, but I keep it on my bedside table to store rings and/or earrings in. I love it.

And it seems other people do too. When a friend commented on it recently, I made a mental note to find her something similar for her birthday.

It was harder than I thought (making me wish I’d bought several in Singapore – don’t you hate it when that happens?) but I have found a couple of options available in the UK.

The amazing website (they also have three gorgeous shops in London) sell a set of four lotus dipping bowls, 8cm wide, for £11.95, in grey, lilac, green and teal (below). Or, you can buy the same set, where they’re called ‘Pretty Coloured Bowls’, for £17.50 from

I also like the 11cm Turquoise Lotus Flower Dish, £5.50, from (bottom). Very classy.

Alternatively, the next time you’re walking past a shop selling Japanese or Chinese tableware such as chopsticks and bowls, check out their dipping dishes. They may not all be lotus-shaped, but I’ve seen some lovely designs that are perfect for popping on a dressing table, windowsill or mantlepiece.

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