Thanks for the memo boards

Shall I tell you a secret? I have a memory like a sieve. When I’m working, everyone thinks I’m incredibly organised, but the truth is that at home, I can barely remember my own name sometimes.

The only way I can stay on top of things is with endless lists, writing things on my hands, diaries (I have two paper ones and one on my phone) and memo boards.

Yep, memo boards are the forgetful girl’s best friend. And after years of using my fridge and some magnets as an organisation station (a great phrase!), I’ve decided to upgrade to a smarter, ‘proper’ board.

I’ve got my eye on two at the moment, both from First up is the ingenious Drip Magnetic Strip memo board with five tiny magnets, £12.95 (above). It looks like a swoosh of paint, comes in red,  purple or black, and is the perfect size – not so small you can’t fit anything on; but not so big you lose stuff on it.

Secondly, I’ve always liked the idea of a blackboard wall, but have never gotten round to faffing about with chalkboard paint. Now I’ve found the answer-  chalkboard wall stickers, from £5.45 for an A4 size (they go up to huge A0 size sheets for £29.45).

You can stick ’em up as they are, then write notes on them with chalk – or you can cut them into any shape you fancy. Job done!

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