And after all, you’re my wonder wallpaper

2 May

The trend for big, bold, colourful wallpapers shows no sign of stopping, but now, rather than just making a statement in the bedroom or living room,  wallpaper has become a great way to add some colour and personality to your bathroom and kitchen too. Only trouble is, there’s a lot of condensation/wear-and-tear in these rooms, and some papers don’t take kindly to it.

One solution is to keep the paper to one feature wall, on the opposite side of the room to the shower or sink/oven area. This also stops the pattern being overwhelming if you’ve got a fairly small space.

The other option is to use one of the new wallpapers specially designed for the job. I love Graham & Brown’s new Antibacterial Collection, which is hardwearing and bacteria/mould resistant.

There are dozens of designs to choose from, including ‘Beside the Seaside’, a nautical but nice beach huts print in red/blue/beige or pastels; ‘Dotty’, a Cath Kidston-esque spot design in various colours; ‘Flamingo’ with hot pink birds on a dramatic dark background or pale pink birds on white/grey; and the brilliantly named ‘Making a Crockery’ – a Mid-Century modern print featuring retro kitchen utensils. They all cost £18 per roll (a bargain these days for designer wallpaper) from http://www.grahambrown. com.

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