You can stand under my umb-er-ella…

Unless you’ve been living in a hole the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed it’s Valentine’s Day next week.

But if your amour is on a diet (so no chocolates); is allergic to flowers (so no red roses); and hates cheese/tackiness (that’ll be a ‘no’ to teddies, satin hearts, etc etc), what on earth can you buy them?

My solution? A great big  heart-shaped umbrella, £9.99, in red, fuchsia or pale pink, from (or £19.99 from Implivia at in red, pink, white, black, navy or silver). It’s unusual, slightly kooky, and if it’s chucking it down with rain, as it usually does mid-February, you can shelter underneath it together, all romantic-like.

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