Turning the tables

Looking for a way to protect my cheap but new Ikea table recently, I splashed out on a metre of oilcloth fabric in Sanderson’s 1950s-style Dandelion Clocks design, £21 per metre. Not only does it look brilliant, but it’s already saved my table from countless knocks, scratches, spillages and small children ove r Christmas.

If you’ve not embraced oilcloth before, I thoroughly recommend it. There are loads of gorgeous modern designs and patterns out there, and a metre – which is usually more than enough to cover most normal kitchen/dining tables – is surprisingly cheap.

John Lewis is a great place to start, with a good range of designs (the Boqueria Gloss, £25pm and Pomme apple, £15pm, are below). Tip: search for ‘PVC tablecloth’ rather than ‘oilcloth’.

Also worth a look is www.tableclothshop.co.uk – it’s particularly good for spots – around £13.99 per metre.

I like the modern and retro designs at justwipe.co.uk, around £12.99 per metre; Cath Kidston’s iconic patterns, from £20 per metre at www.cathkidston.co.uk (green Provence Rose, £22pm is below); and www.oilcloth.co.uk for bright kitsch Mexican designs, £12 per metre (Blue Hibiscus, £12pm is below).


  1. January 25, 2012 / 1:46 pm

    That’s such a great idea! I mostly need to protect things from the cat, and Jack… It’s a really cute way to liven up a room, too!

    How is the IKEA table? I’m thinking of getting a desk from there, but I don’t want it to be money wasted xx

    • January 25, 2012 / 2:10 pm

      Thanks! The Ikea table is surprisingly good actually – a perfect size and it expands, too. It looks modern and is WAY cheaper than other similar white table on the market – and I did a lot of research! I usually find Ikea stuff to be great quality for the price. If you like the desk, I’d go for it – but if you want something a little special, I’ve got the Loft Desk, £199 from John Lewis (there’s also a Loft Desk Reborn for £225 with gorgeous coloured detailing). I always get comments on it and it looks really posh.

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