A cut above the rest

You might think it’s hard to get excited by scissors, but that’s probably because you haven’t tried these!

I’ve had a pair of pointed small Fiskars scissors for a few years now and I use them for absolutely everything – from giftwrapping to cutting ribbons to hair-trimming – and they’re still as sharp as the day I got them. Now Fiskars have bought out ‘designer’ versions with  patterns on – like Seaflower (blue bubbles, above); Bloom (pretty flowers, bottom); and even, brilliantly, the Moomin family (below).

The scissors come in several sizes/types – mine are the 12cm Needlepoint scissors (currently £7.50 on www.amazon.co.uk), but you can get bigger General Purpose scissors, medium-sized Paper scissors, curved manicure scissors, kids scissors and even left-handed versions too. They’re available from craft shops, online sewing shops, or www.amazon.co.uk.

I promise you’ll wonder how you lived without them!

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