Ricks all the boxes

Fair play to Rick Astley. It  might have been released in 1987, but millions of people worldwide can still sing every word of his number one single, Never Gonna Give You Up. Which is why this poster, spotted in a friend’s office yesterday, is so genius.

And even better, after a bit of internet research, I’ve discovered you can now buy it as a t-shirt, from www.shirtstastegood.com (a US site which ships to the UK), to remind men in 2011 just what high standards we expect from them.

A Rick t-shirt comes in several different sizes, as well as men/women’s versions, and costs $22.99 (£14.38) plus $13.99 (£8.75) for postage and packing. So that’s about £23.13 in total. Cheap at half the price, I say.

I’ve put one on my Christmas list already…

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