Radio Fun

Anyone who has ever had their bathroom ‘done’ will know how hideous it is – having to crouch down in the bath to have a wash; weeing in a bucket; and getting paint on your PJs in the middle of the night cos the lights haven’t been wired in yet. Then imagine doing all that while you’re six months’ pregnant…

So, now I’m the proud owner of a lovely new bathroom, I figure it’s time for the fun part – buying new accessories. First on the list is a new shower radio, so that I can warble along to cheesy tunes in the morning. Only thing is, shower radios are usually either a) shaped like sea creatures, or b) really expensive.

Not this one from Muji ( and in-store). It’s perfect for small bathrooms, comes with a handy hanging cord and costs just £14.95. Bargain!

PS: As of this week, Muji’s Christmas shop is open for business and is full of great stocking fillers. Stock up now!

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