Get your peg over

Apparently sales of tumble dryers have plummeted in the last year, as everyone returns to good old fashioned washing lines. And while the weather might be cold, it’s still bright outside, and the wind actually dries your clothes in double-quick time.

However, just because you’re using an old school washing line, you don’ t have to use old school wooden pegs. My mum bought me some soft grip plastic pegs from France at the beginning of this year, and they’re amazing – they don’t mark your clothes, don’t ‘ping’ apart, and what’s more, they look and feel lovely. Oh, and they’re really good indoors too – for clipping shut cereal/food packets.

You’ll be pleased to hear you don’ t have to get the Eurostar to buy them any more – Lakeland and Tesco have just started selling them. They’re £3.99 for 20 at Lakeland ( and £2.27 for 10 at Tesco. Pop some in your trolley this weekend!

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