Gotta lotta bottle

This week, I’ve decided to be healthy. Sadly, I haven’t got enough willpower to cut down on the chocolate biscuits, so I’ve invested in a WaterBobble instead.

Made from recycled kind-to-the-environment PET plastic, it contains a brightly coloured carbon filter, that removes ‘organic contaminants’ (nasty stuff like chlorine) from ordinary tap water, and also supposedly makes it taste and smell better.

It comes in three sizes, which you can use between 150-500 times before you need to buy a new filter. Most importantly, it comes in pink, black, green, blue, purple, yellow and red (I’ve gone for a small green one that fits in a handbag), and it looks far swankier than an old, reused bottle of Volvic with the label peeling off.

Bobbles are available from Oliver Bonas ( for £8.95 (small), £10 (med) and £12.95 (lge); and also from John Lewis, Marks & Spencer,, House of Fraser and Boots. To find out more, visit

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