Block party

Nic nacs. Yes, they’re pointless, but they do make your home look that much more homely. Picture frames and vases look nice on  shelves, but what you really need are some quirky little bits and pieces to scatter amongst them.

At the moment, I’m a bit obsessed with those old printer’s letter blocks you can pick up in junk stores. You can spell out names; words that suit the room they’re in (‘couch potato’ for the living room?); or even go for punctuation marks (a collection of different sized ‘&’ signs grouped together looks particularly cool).

Only thing is, they can be expensive, and sadly not everyone has the time to go mooching around junk shops every weekend. So… cheat.

Dunelm Mill ( have just introduced three new sets of printers blocks, spelling ‘Home’ in red or white; and ‘Love’ in white, for just £2.99 a set. Bargain! Want to personalise yours? Opt for the white set, and paint each letter (not the wooden block) a different bright colour.

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