An egg-cellent choice

Picture the scene. You’ve got your mate(s) round for lunch, they ask for the salt, and you whip out this little beauty. Your guests will go crazy!

Well, okay, I’m getting carried away. But at the very least, they’ll compliment you on your condiments.

With a friendly-looking egg-shaped salt shaker, pepper pot, two mini bottles for oil and vinegar, a toothpick holder and a little tub for mustard/ketchup/chutney all grouped together neatly in a white china egg tray, tableware doesn’t get much cuter than this.

At £34.95 from, it’s not particularly cheap, but it still costs way less than similar designer sets. It also means you can bin all those mismatched bottles and pots and show off your incredibly good taste at the same time. And that’s got to be worth shelling out a little eggs-tra for.

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