Thinking inside of the box

Finding myself with a bit of time on my hands on a rainy day, and inspired by a visit to a friend’s insanely tidy house, I finally got round to tackling my kitchen cupboards – binning anything out-of-date ( there was some paprika in there that officially died in 2002 – but in my defence, it had a pretty tin!) and decanting open packets into airtight tubs and jars.

The job was made so much more fun thanks to a couple of sets of these gorgeous bright food storage boxes, £8.75 from Nettle Green (, which are ideal for storing herbs, nuts, biscuits, random sachets, tea bags and even fruit.

Nettle Green also sell ‘all-round’ plastic containers, £6.25 each, in sorbet shades, which are great for porridge and cereals; coloured kitchen spoons that look like lollipops, £3.75 each; and a whole host of other bright, quirky and kitsch kitchenware that looks designer but is surprisingly bargainous. 

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