Tell me of a sundae

The temperature this weekend is predicted to be in the 80s – and that, in my book, is officially ice cream weather. I’m craving a big ol’ ice cream sundae with several kinds of ice cream, bananas, cherries, plus loads of old school chocolate sauce (hands up if you can remember Ice Magic? It’s now called Monster Crackin’ Chocolate Topping, and it’s £1.25 from Tescos).

I’m going to put the whole lot in one of these gorgeous bright sundae glasses (£15 for four from John Lewis, and eat it with a long-handled spoon (Cecelia spoons, £4 for five, Habitat – perfect for getting at every last mouthful! Finally, because I’m a lady, I’m going to mop up any mishaps with Indian-style napkins, £3.29 for a pack of 20 from Lakeland,


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