All things considered

The perfect wedding present is well-designed, useful, classy, and has a bit of personality. Stuck for ideas that aren’t a) picture frames or b) vases? Check out the Well Considered range of quirky, colourful products at The Conran Shop ( Seeing the word ‘Conran’, you’d assume they were pricey – which is exactly what you want people to think when you give them a wedding gift! – but while this stuff looks designer and comes in pretty boxes, the prices are very much high street.
Next time I’m invited to a Big Day, I’ll be splurging on either the cute set of four mixing bowls, £29; this cool bread bin, £19.95; or a couple of these handy kitchen/garden chairs, just £12.95 each (also available in black, white and turquoise – if certain colours aren’t in stock, they’ll disappear from the website, but keep trying!).

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