Squirreled away

I recently bought a bird table. I had fond visions of painting it eau de nil and making friends with the robins, bluetits and blackbirds.
Sadly, after just one day, I realise this will never be. The reason? Squirrels. There are two of the critters who visit my garden every day, and when I looked out of my window this morning, one of them was sat right in the middle of the table, bold as brass, eating all the crumbled biscuits I’d left out (I’d read that sweet things are better for birds than bread). Outrageous!
I don’t want to shoot them as some people have suggested (!), so I’ve decided that the only thing to do is to embrace the furry little beasts. Not literally, you understand, but by championing squirrel-chic as a cute way to decorate your home. So… check out this friendly-looking coat hook, £10.50 for two, and drawing pin set, £7.95, both from www.cubicuk.com.


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